Thursday, May 5, 2011

Weekend of the Parks

Yes, I realize it's Thursday and I'm just now blogging about our weekend-ha! So what ;)

This {past} weekend was beautiful, and we took full advantage of the sunshine.
Friday, we took a family trip to the park.
Kaidence loves this little bouncy alligator.
And, I guess her Daddy does, too!

While we were there K made a new friend.
She kept saying "Scurl" every time she saw it's little face peep around the tree branches.

Saturday morning we got up super early-I'm talking 6a.m.-and headed to spend the morning at the beach.
I should have a lot of cute pictures of K in her little pincher's swimsuit, but I forgot my camera-boo! So, all I have to show for our fabulous trip is one cell phone picture.
After the beach I called K's Nana & Aunt Amy and they decided to come down for a little visit.
Josh went to work that night, and us girls went to Cracker Barrel for dinner, and then made a trip to Target!

Sunday we all went to the park in Fairhope.
But, before we left I had to get a picture of K's big girl pig-tails..just because!
After we fed the birds, we took a few pictures.
Of course, while we were there, K fed/chased/annoyed the ducks
And, even played some peek-a-boo.


KM said...

Great pics!! She is such a happy little girl. Always smiling...happy baby = happy Mama =) Did you take the pics in the tree in Fairhope? I love that tree I am going to have to get C there to get a pic. Is it by the duck pond?


Joeylee said...

sounds like you had a great weekend. K is adorable, love the pig tails.

Happy Mother's Day