Monday, May 23, 2011

The past few days...

via my phone and it's horrible camera!

Thursday I took K to her pediatrician to make sure her ear infection was gone. While we were waiting on the Dr. she decided to read an Elmo book to her new Elmo backpack!

Friday I had to go grocery shopping & Josh was, I broke out the bribes-ha! She had animal crackers, a bottle of water, and these stickers. She loves making people laugh and so she was in Heaven when people was stopping us to see her stickers.

And, during our WalMart trip Friday I picked up this $10 pool, and it's been a hit! We spend 2 hours outside yesterday and hour already this morning. $10 well spent!

During K's pool time I've been reading "Water for Elephants" I started yesterday afternoon and I'm already half-way done! I need some other books to read when I finish.
 Any recommendations?


Angie said...

We love our blow up pool. I am hoping the kids play in ours every day this summer. It is the one thing they never get tired of doing. They can splash for hours!

Hayden love stickers too while we are shopping. Every time we enter Wal-mart he asks the greeters for stickers...cracks me up!

Annie said...


I am reading The Help right now...have you read that?!?! So good!!

Kristin said...

Hey girl! I was going to email you but it didnt work.

I ship my cupcake and cake toppers but not mycakes.

you can request a custom order on my etsy shop.

I could do some sesame street toppers for you.