Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Kaidence is TWO!

It's hard to think that my baby is two. It seems like just yesterday she was an itty-bitty squishy baby.

But, today was a day to celebrate, and that's what we did!
We started off the day with pancakes, eggs,  & Sesame Street on the Today show.

Once Kaidence got a quick bath we both got ready and took Kaidence to get her first hair cut.
She was such a big girl & did so good!

When she finish her haircut we went to The Watermelon Patch so she could play.

We got back home and played until Daddy got home.
Then we took some two year pictures.
{preview. and this was after she got her gift;)}

During our pictures Mr. UPS man came & brought Kaidence her first gift of the day.
{An Elmo from her Aunt Lisa}

We came inside and I fixed K's favorites...pizza, shrimp, rice, grapes & cupcakes.
Or, in Kaidence's language "pizzy, shimp, brown riii, gapes, & cake-cakes! ;)

I think it's safe to say that Kaidence had a great 2nd birthday!


Joeylee said...

Happy 2nd Birthday sweet girl! looks like she had a great day. love that picture of her in the frame, so cute!

Jessica said...

Ahhh Happy Birthday Kaidence!!! Looks like she had a fabulous day!