Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Well Check Up

This morning Kaidence had her 2 year appointment.
Of course, she had to bring Elmo in for his check up too ;)
She even showed him the turtles.
Dr. Cepeda said she was right on track developmentally and the next thing to work on is ........ potty training.
She is showing some signs, but she doesn't recognize she has to go until she has already gone.
I'm going to stay positive and get plenty of fun rewards!

Weight - 30.6 pounds
Height - 33 3/4 inches
Head Circumference - 51 1/4 cm

She is staying on the same growing curve, except her head. It's still really off the charts.
The only issue this could be is that her brain is growing too fast as well. He isn't too concerned because she is on track developmentally.

And, just for fun I calculated how tall K should be as an adult.
{Height x 2}
She should be around 5'6''.


texas girl said...

i love K's sippy cup where did you find it??

Perfectly Imperfect said...

she is such a doll!!! And that outfit is to die for!