Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thursday Tidbits

  • I really want to redo my accent vlog, especially since everybody is doing one..I feel like a goon!

  • Have y'all tried the ham & cheese sliders that are being posted on Pinterest? They are de-licious! The pin is for ham & swiss, but last night I fixed roast beef, bacon, cheddar & swiss and then added lettuce, tomato, & avacado. SUPER YUMMY!
  • The Scentsy fall line debuted today. I am so excited because I love Fall/Winter scents!!! Check out the new scents on my SCENTSY PAGE

  • Josh has been working 6-4:30 this week and it has been great. He gets off in time to play with Kaidence outside while I cook dinner. I could totally get use to it!

  • Also, Josh isn't in a band we have had a lot of family time and it's been FABULOUS!

  • Speaking of Josh & Kaidence ... last night I walked into the living room and found this.
They were watching t.v. together & she fell asleep! :)
  • My Erin Condren address book came in today. I'm so excited that I won't have to call our family for every holiday to get addresses-ha!

  • I'm so, so ready to finish K's big girl room! We're hoping to have it all done by her 2nd birthday.

  • 2nd Birthday reminds me.. K's birthday is THIS month. In 19 days!!!

  • Her party is coming together and I can't wait to see how she reacts when she sees it :)

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    Amy said...

    that is the cutest picture! she looks so little in it! :)