Monday, September 27, 2010

12 Months Old

It's hard to believe you are no longer a "baby", but a "toddler" now!
I am amazed at how beautiful and smart you are!

Here is a few of the things you are up to right now:

  • You are still a wonderful sleep! Sleeping between 8-10 hours per night.

  • You are completely off the bottle and pacifier

  • You are on cow's milk & table foods only

  • You love to "sing", clap, dance, and click your tongue to music. This makes your Daddy so proud!

  • You still crawl with 1 leg! It looks so silly, but you are super fast with that 1 leg ;)

  • You are walking holding on to your push toys, our fingers, and furniture.

  • You can stand on your own, until you realize you are doing it!

  • You say a few words including:
    Mom-ma, Dad-de, Boo{book}, Baa{ball}, Paw-Paw, Aw!, No-No, Yeah!, Hey, and I'm sure there's more..I just can't remember right now :)

  • Your Daddy has taught you how to "beat-box"-ha! He starts going, and you join in with your mouth thumping. Again making him so proud!

  • You love to "talk on the telephone"! You have several fake phones and your smash them up to your ear like you are talking. It's so cute.

  • You have a wave for "hi" & wave for "bye"

  • You are wearing mostly size 12-18 months clothes, size 4 or 5 shoes, and size 4 diapers.

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