Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First "Roll Tide" Game of the Season

Sorry for the poor picture quality, these are from my phone.
I have my camera, but can't find my charger! {Hoping I didn't leave it at the hotel!:(}
Saturday was the first Alabama game of the season!
We got decked out in our crimson, white, and hounds tooth to cheer on The Tide! :)

{at Chili's! I'm afraid our "going out to eat" days are coming to an END!}

{all tuckered out at the Flea Market!}

I am crossing my fingers I find my charger SOON!


Ms. J said...

So cute! I wish I came from/lived in a college football town! Hope you find your charger!!

Annie said...

So cute!! Our going out to dinner stage ended for a bit....but were back in business now!! remember that it is just a phase!!