Saturday, September 11, 2010

Saturday "Stuff"

This is going to be all over the place.
Just updating our family and for my memory! :)
  • Kaidence had her first "boo-boo"! It was very bad! It's healing great according to the DR, though.
  • We have been eating dinner at our patio table and sitting on the floor in the living room for the past week! It has NOT been fun, but will be worth it in just a little while when our new furniture arrives! :)
  • Kaidence's Nana got her a push walker{?} last weekend and she is a PRO now! She blazes through the house, knocking anything that is in her way over. ha! She is a mess!
  • Her party is ONE WEEK from today!
  • I have been busting my booty to get everything done...

  • Josh is finally back on day shift for a little while, and I am one happy momma! It makes life so much easier!

    And, here's a picture of my little cutie looking so grown up before going to the DR yesterday.

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Ms. J said...

She does look grown up! Love the pig tails! Can't wait to see pics after her party- looks like you've got your hands full, but doing a great job!