Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I'm behind, so I'm just going to do one post with basically the last week!

Kaidence had her 2nd dentist appointment. She did so much better than lasts time, and she's still cavity free-woohoo!
She got a sticker for being a big girl & she stuck it on her cheek.
After her appointment we went to Old Navy to find me a dress, but ended up getting her a cute outfit instead. Then we went to Chick-Fil-A for her to play & burn some energy!
That afternoon Aunt Amy came to our house to spend a few days with us.

We went to Mobile to shop and have lunch.
After shopping we went to Cold Snap for some yogurt.
Kaidence got a sticker & guess where she put it..
When Josh got home we went to Mexican and he had to pick up his tuxedo.
I took a picture of K with the flash on & she kept saying "EYES!" I guess it was a little too bright for her.

Amy took Kaidence back home with her for the weekend, so Josh took me out for my birthday lunch.
That night we went to Mason & Mary-Beth's rehearsal dinner.

We lazied around most of the morning, and that afternoon we went to the wedding.
It was gorgeous & the reception was a blast!
{This is Gage K's BF He looked so sad after his Mommy left}
We went to Evergreen to celebrate Father's Day with Josh's dad, and to pick up Kaidence!
I seriously didn't take any pictures.

My Birthday!!! We spent the day at the house until Josh got home, then we had an ice cream date outside and watched a movie.
Kaidence also turned 21 months! I'll do her pictures & post tomorrow! :)

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