Sunday, June 6, 2010


Another first for Kaidence was The Exploreum!
It's a hands-on science center. I was a little iffy, but the girls assured us it was fun!
And, they were totally right!!!
We did every exhibit in there and watched an IMAX film.
The first exhibit we went to was the 'My Body Works'. It is all about the body, of course!
It has different 'surgeries' you can perform, has stations to teach you to work out and tells your body mass, and a station for portions!
I know, it doesn't sound fun-HA! But, we really did have a great time!
Then, we went to the 'Minds On Hall'!
You can make all kinds of virtual things: dances, roller coasters, fish worlds, planets.
This is Wendy posing on one of the exhibits
We watched Adventures in Wild California at the IMAX theater next.
Kaidence loved it!
It was funny watching her trying to see every little thing on that big, huge screen!
At one point, a man was sky diving and she threw up her little hands. It was so funny because she kept doing it every time it showed him. :)
We went to 'Hands On Hall' after the movie.
They have all sorts of cool things!
Even a place you can make your own Channel 5 newscast.
The girls and Josh loved that :)
On that Hall, they also had this little set up...
...the sane one didn't do it! ;)
They also have a really nice 0-5 year old section!
I see a BDAY party here in a few years ;)

Everything there was super fun! :)
It wore some little girl OUT though...

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