Saturday, June 5, 2010


Yesterday was a lot of firsts for K!
First thing we went to the
Mobile Zoo!
It was Josh, Kaidence, Wendy, Savannah, and myself.
It's a very small zoo. It was still nice, though!
The animals aren't in glass cages, they are just in fences. There might be 2-3 feet between you and the animal!
{we were standing in front of the first fence you see! the white tube is where you feed the animals peanuts!}
Kaidence was very good the entire time! She rode in her stroller and just watched all the animals like a big girl :)
This little monkey loved the peanuts! It was so funny to watch them crack them open-HA!
These 2 Bengal Tigers were gorgeous. They were up walking around and didn't even pay us any attention...

I think these white tail deer had the right idea chilling out in the shade. It was H-O-T!
There were peacocks just roaming around all over the place!
I was zoomed in AT ALL - this is how close it was to us. I was for sure Kaidence was going to get pecked!
And, here's some of snapshots of just us!
And, two of my big girl.
She was amazed with Wendy in these pictures, but they're still cute to me!

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Annie said...

It looks like a fun day. All pictures are wonderful.

Enjoy the weekend.