Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Thursday - Saturday

We had lots of fun this weekend. Family was down, we had great food, went to the beach, and did lots of shopping. But, I didn't get very many pictures :(

Thursday{I know it's not the weekend..} K learned to stand up in her pack-n-play! Wednesday night she learned to stand up in the tub. I don't think anything around our house is safe anymore-HA!
Friday - We decided to head to Dauphin Island. We have been going a lot lately, but with this Oil Spill you never know when it's going to hit! We want to soak up as much beach time as possible.
K loves the sand. She rolls, she throws it, and she eats it! Every.single.time we go to the beach she has to have a little sand snack.

After we left the beach, we went to Bass Pro. Another place we seem to be going a lot-HA!
Josh had to get a bigger fishing pole for his fishing trip Saturday, and I wanted to just be out of the house.
My sister, Heather, got here Friday afternoon and we headed to Mississippi for Josh to get his saltwater fishing licence.
My mom & sister Amy got here later that afternoon.

Saturday - Josh got up before 4 AM to go on an off-shore saltwater fishing trip. Let me just say, Josh is the hardest person to wake up..but, on this particular day he was up and going before the first alarm went off!
That man was ready to fish-HA!
While he fished, we headed to Spanish Fort to pick up my cousins Wendy & Savannah. We had lunch and then met Whitney to pick up precious Katie Beth! {Can you believe I never got a pick of the BFFs?!:(}
We shopped & shopped & shopped after we got KB! 
I bought the little ones matching dresses for a little photo shoot to come!
We came home to see Josh's "loot'! Let me just say, we have enough fish for a long time.
They caught TONS of fish!!
Josh had praise & worship practice, so us girls headed back out to Chili's & Target!

Since this post is already long, I'm going to break our weekend into 2 parts!
Part 2 coming tomorrow... 


Annie said...

Sounds like a fun weekend.

Beautiful pictures!!

PS: Birthday Treat Bags giveaway on my blog.

{:miss v:} said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! Those pics are too cute! She's adorable!

Meant to be a mom said...

What a fun beach weekend. Your right though, enjoy it while you still can. Its scary that the oil is still gushing into the ocean.
By the way, I'm loving the little yellow bathing suit. So cute :)

Ms. J said...

She is so precious! hat a cute pic of her standing in the pack and play! She will be walking in no time =)

Amy said...

so cute! i wish my libbi enjoyed the beach as much as kaidence....libbi acts like she's being tortured if she gets one grain of sand on her :)