Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sunday - Wednesday

{Our weekend, continued...}
Sunday - We had a short church service, then headed to lunch. Heather's husband came home from work, so we met him and were going to Dauphin Island. We were headed that way and it started POURING rain-boo! We ended up going to Babies-R-Us, instead. Amy got Kaidence her 'big girl' car seat while we were there. We decided on the Graco Nautilus 3-in-1. When we got back home, Josh grilled some yummy steaks for Blakely's BDAY. We watched 'Dear John' & everybody besides me chowed on some chocolate,chocolate,chocolate cake from Cold Stone Creamery{It was chocolate cake,chocolate ice cream, and Reese cups! - I don't like chocolate, so I ate Wendy's whipped cream:)}
The only picture I have from Sunday is of K after she threw a fit...
Monday - Josh had to work, so the rest of us headed to the mall to do some shopping.
{she wasn't as thrilled about her new seat as her mommy's back was!}
We had a yummy lunch at Christian Chicken. My cousin Savannah did the jump thing while Little Miss took a bottle.
Then, we headed to Wal-Mart for Amy to get Family Feud for the Wii!
I also picked up stuff to make K her 4th hair bow holder...
Mom & Amy and Wendy & Vannah left after dinner. The rest of us came back home to play Family Feud.

Tuesday - We had a lazy day! Heather & Blakely left around 9. Me & K stayed in our PJs all day long! It was great. She actually took 3 naps, too. She was tired from all the company.

Today - We went grocery shopping, I finished K's hair bow, and now she's napping.

Hope y'all are having a FABULOUS week! :)

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Annie said...

I love to buy at Wal-Mart well, is my favorite store,ha.

Busy days you had.