Monday, June 7, 2010

The rest of the story...

I know I already did 2 posts about our weekend.
But, I'm going to share the entire story :)
Thursday - Josh got rained out at work, so we headed to Pensacola to get Wendy & Savannah to spend the weekend with us! We saw their amazing new house and then went to Nikko's for Hibatchi with their family :)

Friday - We got up early and headed to the zoo, had lunch at Subway, went to the exploreum, then we walked around Downtown Mobile.
We looked at several "monuments" and studied up on our history! ;)
{Another post on that to come this Summer!We're planning a History Day with the girls!}
Luckily, K was wore out from all the fun...
So she got in a very good nap while we drove around before heading to the theaters!
We saw 'Shrek 3D'! K was good about 1/2 the time, then she was OVER her busy day.
Good thing this Shrek wasn't my favorite-HA!
Josh had praise&worship practice, so we all just hung out with him and then went to Mexican for dinner-YUM!

Saturday - Josh got up early to go fishing.
Me and the girls stayed in bed until about 8:30, then got up and had a good breakfast.
We had plans to go to the Blueberry festival and to a youth rally, but K had different plans!
She was beyond ill, seriously!
We decided to head to Old Navy and then we picked up McD's for lunch!
We came home and ate watermelon :)
Then, I cooked some yummy Chinese food for dinner.
K went to bed and we stayed up and watched some movies :)

Sunday - Josh got called into work, so just us girls went to church.
K gave us a big scare! She loves standing up in the pew and looking at everybody. She has learned to "rock" herself, too. Yesterday, she decided to mix the two and BAM!
 She hit her little mouth on the bench.
She had big tears streaming down her face and was crying louder than ever before.
She finally let me open her mouth and she was bleeding! :(
I panicked!! I got up to carry her out and a man made a face at her and she started laughing and clapping. SO, I knew she was OK! :)
After church, the girls and I went to Cracker Barrel for lunch.
She really enjoyed playing...and eating NON-eatable things..
K got her first meal at a restaurant :)
She ate about 1/4 of the grilled cheese and a pretty good bit of the apple sauce :)
We came home, got on our lounged clothes and at more watermelon!
The girls left around 3:30 and K fell asleep and slept until Josh got home about 5:15!
She was one tired girl :)


Meant to be a mom said...

The car seat and watermelon pics are my fav. She is such a cutie.

You guys had such a busy weekend. I'm glad it was good.

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

love those watermelon pics!

Elizabeth said...

Those are sweet photos! She is too cute!!! She is getting bigger!! I have not commented in forever! Catching up on your blog!!