Tuesday, March 23, 2010

6 Months Old {Saturday the 20th}

Weight: 18 pounds, 6 ounces
Height: 25.5 inches
Head Circumfrence: 18 inches
What's New?

You now have one tooth on the bottom. The one beside it is swollen and will probably make it's appereance soon!

You can get into crawling position and crawl ... backwards!

You roll non-stop! Changing your clothes and diaper is a CHALLENGE these days!

You can sit up all by yourself. When you do, you get this cheesy grin because you think you're SO COOL! ha!

You started reaching for people. Especially the nursery worker Mrs Anita! You love her, and that melts her heart!

You have had all baby stage 1 baby foods. You LOVE butternut squash and hate the peaches.

You slept in your own bed the most the month! We are slowly getting there :)


You sleep atleast 8 hours everynight.

You take lots and lots of naps! Atleast 3 or 4 a day!

You eat 4 ounces of formula with 1 teaspoon of cereal every 2 hours

You eat 2 jars of baby food per day.

Other things:

You wear 6-9 month clothes.

Your sleepers are 12 months.

You are wearing size 3 diapers

You mostly wear size 3 shoes,{you have a BIG foot like your daddy} but you can wear some size 2s!

You still take a paci, but have been sucking your pointer finger alot thanks to these aggrivate teeth!

You love puffs. You eat them all the time and are pretty much a pro! :)

You like the biter biscuits, but they are just tooooo messy for mommy.

You met a new friend this month, Katie Beth. She is 2 months younger than you - but, yall are going to be bff! :)

You went to your first wedding functions this month. You didn't attend the wedding, but everything else.

You are such a silly girl! You love to laugh and fake cough!

You love to kiss! You will take both of you little chubby hands and grab people's face to pull them to you. Then you open your extra slobbery mouth and give them the sweetest loving!

People still say you're going to sing alto because you have a little raspy voice!

Oh my how you have changed, Sweet Girl...

Happy 1/2 Birthday! :)
We love you very much, Miss K!


Annie said...

Love the progression of pictures!! That little outfit that she is wearing for her 6 mo. pics is SO presh. Gosh...I better have a girl before it’s all over b/c I could just eat up all of those frilly things...I don’t get that with Blake!! Ha

Elizabeth said...

SIX months...already? OH my....time flies!! I am catching up on blog reading...got behind this week...crazy at work!! Have a wonderful weekend!!