Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thursday Retail Therapy

Kaidence still sleeps in the bed with us, most the time. This morning she woke up extra happy and that is unusual. I was scared! I turned around and saw something unusual ... I blinked really hard because I had to be seeing things. Opened my eyes, still saw it. I proceeded to "touch" because it had to be an illuision. NOPE! It was a nakey baby. ha! Miss Thing took her diaper off. No joke! Josh just to happen to be walking in the door when it happened, so he is my witness. My almost 6 month old is already taking off her diaper. Oh boy! We are in for a treat. ha!
After I got her 're-diapered', we got ready for another fun day of shopping with the Starnes' girls! :)
Today, we went to the outlets in Gulfport. We found some awesome, awesome sales. Including, $0.99 shirts at The Children's Place - SCORE!
Kaidence & Katie Beth are too cute together. Whitney calls them 'Furbies' because they have their own talk and it sounds just like those old school furbies did!
Kaidence LOVES KB and really, really wants to get her hands on her. It's funny to watch Miss K around her because she squeals and gets soo excited and reaches for KB. It's like she thinks she is a big girl, or something. :)
Tomorrow, Miss K has her 6 month well baby check up. I will post her 6 month post tomorrow, too!

Hope y'all had a wonderful Thursday! :)


Brandi said...

What cute pics, especially the first one. I love a good deal. WOOHOO! Hopefully you took pics of naked baby, too funny!

Elizabeth said...

Sounds like you got some great deals!! yay!! :-) Happy for you!

aimymichelle said...

that is some talent right there.

zookeeperjess said...

She's got skills! You're in for a treat when she starts walking LOL.

I LOVE the outlets, oh I could spend all day there!

The other little baby girl is just adorable too!

Annie said...

Oh no! She is young for doing that! You may have your hands full!!

Those girls are too cute together!

Anonymous said...

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Alex and Jill said...

Hey Ashley!

I have some news for you on my blog! Can you contact me this week sometime? :)