Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday

When I was little I loved Emily Elizabeth{no meaning}, then as a teenager I liked Anna Grace{My grandma, mom, Josh's grandma, & Josh's mom have a form of "An" and I love the name Grace!}
I don't like Emily Elizabeth now because I think of Clifford -ha! NO OFFENSE!
I still love, love, love Anna Grace - but, Josh's Aunt had a little girl last April and named her JoAnna Grace. SO, I can't be a "name stealer" {even though I totally thought of that name when I was like 15 - ha!}

Josh picked out the name Kaidence, I was a little "iffy" at first. But, I love her name! Of course, Josh is a drummer so that played a big role in him chosing that name! Cadence is becoming very popular, so we decided to spell it differently and I like monogrammed 'K's more than 'C's -ha!
Her middle name is Ashlen. I picked it because of my first name 'Ashley' & Josh's middle name 'Allen'! I think it goes together nicely! =)

Now, onto my other names!
Girls - Josh's favorite song is Layla - so he likes that name!
I really want a double-named daughter, though. I love Bayleigh Grace!

Boys - We have pretty much settled on Carter Garrison.
Carter is Josh's favorite drummer's name - Carter Beauford from DMB!
My dad's name was Gary Wayne - I want to have some form of his name, so we both liked Garrison! :)

I have a file on my computer 'babynames'! I love thinking of names, like I am a little obsessed.
So, here's a list of some of my names. Just in case God wants us to be like my favorite family The Duggars! :)

Asher - loooooove!


Molly said...

Ca-UTE names girl!! Love the name Asher for a boy, so cute!! Your girl names are precious as well, esp Layla!

Sonja said...

I love the names! Absolutely adorable!

and the clifford comment made me laugh! haha

Lindsey said...

I love your daughters middle name - Ashlen - that is so cute! I'm the same way with monograms - I want it to look perfect :) the crazy things we think about when trying to come up with our favorite baby names

Kristen said...

I love all of your picks, espicially your little lady's name!

I have to admit when I hear Emily Elizabeth I think of Clifford too!

Annie said...

lol...laughing about the Dugger comment. At least you will be prepared (with names anyway :))
Great choices!!

Meant to be a mom said...

Great name choices. I love so many of them. Its funny how everyone has there fav names and then you hear other peoples names and your like "I've always known that name, it was never in my top ten but for some reason I like it more now".

All great names.

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

Great picks---love those!

Jayme said...

I LOVE baby names!! I have so many lists, it's so hard to narrow it down sometimes!