Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring has Sprung!

It has been gorgeous weather here the past 2 days. Today, Miss K even wore capris & a tank it was so warm. We are loving it, too!
Miss K learned a new trick esterday! She has been "tripod" sitting for awhile, well yesterday she decided to sit up on her on forreal. She did it & I started clapping & yelling so she got excited....
Doesn't she just look too thrilled with her squinty eyes, chubby cheeks, and gummy grin. I love it! :)
Also - she has been sleeping at night and during naps in her baby bed. Hallelujah! She has learned how to soothe herself to sleep by talking/singing to herself. It is so precious hearing those little noises!
Sometimes, though, she tricks me and is not napping ...
just talking to her pacis & glow warm!

Today we had another girls day with Whitney & Katie Beth. This time we went to an outdoor mall/shopping center. I bought what I thought was a cute dress from New York & Company. It was orginally $42.95 & I got it on clearance for $14.99. I know why it was on clearance, now. It looks like a sack! Seriously, it has ZERO shape, the neckline is all funky looking, and it has the huge pocket on the chest. NOT what I wanted to wear to Miss K's dedication, so I will be taking it back!
We love our girl days. It gets us out of the house, Miss K interacts with another baby, I talk to another adult, and Josh gets to sleep! :)
Next week me & Whitney are going for $5 facials! Frugal? I think so! ha!
This weekend is a relaxer for us. Josh is going to be working nights, so it will just be me & Miss K! I plan to get lots of crafts & bows done this weekend!

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Elizabeth said...

YAY! so happy that spring is here!! or, just about!!!

Ms. J said...

Spring weather is so refreshing! Love that pic of her smiling with her eyes closed-so cute!

Meant to be a mom said...

Look at her being such a big girl and sitting up. So cute.

I'm glad your weather is so nice. I can't hardly wait for mine to be the same. Soon!!!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

What a precious little "bug" as I like to call little kiddos!