Thursday, March 4, 2010

Girls Day

We finally got to have our lunch date with Whitney & Katie Beth today! Before lunch, Miss K & I went to Babies-R-Us for a new sippy cup & bib! Her sippy cup started leaking & I forgot to pack a bib! :(
We also went to Old Navy because my crazy self had on 2 tanktops, a 3/4 sleeve shirt, & a 3/4 sleeve sweater. I was burning up!
We went to Santa-Fe Grill for Mexican and it didn't let me down! :)
After lunch, we walked around the mall for 3.5 hours - ha!
We are both SAHMs, so it was nice to have an actual convo with another adult!
Miss K got some new bows & shoes..I got two SUPER cute shirts on CLEARANCE from Forever21!
That hairbow was in F21, for adults. Really?!
I think the face K's making descrbes it wonderfully! ha!
I didn't get any pictures of Whitney or KB :(
But, we are going to be having many,many more lunch dates so they will make their blog-debut soon!
And, here's 2 pictures of Miss K after we got home!

Oh yeah - we did go back to David's Bridal today, too. Thank goodness my camera was still there!
I took this picture before Josh went to the dentist Tuesday. I thought it was too cute/funny not to share!

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Jayme said...

LOL that black bow is insane!

Annie said...

Yay for 50 followers!! That bow is insame!! So great that you got to get out and have a girls day :)

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

Oh how fun! So cute!

Ms. J said...

haha! love that pic of her with that HUGE bow!

zookeeperjess said...

Ha! I would laugh so hard if I saw someone walking around with that giant bow. At least Kaidence makes it look good :)

Looking forward to the giveaway and loving the new look!