Monday, March 15, 2010


This weekend we really didnt do anything, but enjoy each other and the great weather! :)
Josh is still working nights, and it is so much harder this time around. But, we're slowly getting use to it!
Today we made some changes around the Thames' house!
I started out by going running this morning. I was a little upset at first because I didn't make it very far then I realized you HAVE to start somewhere. I may not have been able to run 1/2 today, but within the next week or two I will be getting closer. It takes time to get your body in shape!
{Kaidence wearing my flower headband before we went grocery shopping}
After I went running, Miss K & I went to the grocery store. We got lots of fruits & vegetables, whole grain foods, sugar free snacks, no pork or beef. I am so ready to start feeling "un-blah"!
{Josh & his twin! No, she did NOT wear the hat!}
Josh woke up when we got home and we walked another 1/2 a mile or so.
Tonight for dinner I made homemade gaucamole and we had turkey meat taco salad with whole grain chips. And, I stopped eating as SOON as I felt myself getting full. That was my big issue - I would eat just because I really do love food! I would be so full I wanted to throw up..:(
Things are changing though!!! :)

We have a pretty busy week ahead! But, I like busy :)
Tomorrow I'm cleaning Miss K's room. It is a disaster! Wednesday @ 1 me & Whitney are getting our $5 facials. We are both getting microdermabrasion. We also have Wednesday fellowship & youth that night. Thursday I am going to be packing most the day. Friday Miss K has her 6 month check-up and we're going to DJ's wedding rehearsal. Saturday is Miss K's 1/2 Birthday!!! and DJ's wedding!

Hope y'all have a GREAT week!
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Lauren said...

way to go on your great progress. I know you can do it!
Today I went on a walk for the first time since Lauren was born. :)

Elizabeth said...

I love the weekends!! :-) Weekends mean we get to spend it with love ones!! It's the BEST!

Annie said...

Good luck on the health kick!! It will be much easier will all healthy food in the house!! And the warm weather makes it easier too :)

Ms. J said...

Good for you!! That is totally key: Stop eating when you're full! I am SO bad at that but doing good this week! How funny that we decided to make this change at the same time - we can do it!!

Meant to be a mom said...

It sounds like your really doing a good job. I'm impressed. Its so hard to stop habits especially when it involves food.
Miss K is so dang cute, I love the flower headband. What a doll.