Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Change of Plans

Yesterday, Josh was suppose to work and I was suppose to have a girls lunch with Whitney. Well, neither happened! The company Josh works for drives me MAD! {Another long post in itself!} He was suppose to be working 7-12s still, but something happened and his entire crew was off yesterday. I didn't have lunch with Whitney & KB because she had a ministry meeting. {we are both Assembly of God Youth Leader's Wifes!!}
Josh found out Monday he didn't have to work, so we decided to just do stuff around the house Tuesday. That didn't happen either! Monday night we were eating dinner and Josh's front tooth fell out, again!
{He knocked his tooth all with a pair of 'metal snips' during July/August. He got a crown put on his front tooth. That lasted until Jan then it fell off. He went to the same dentist, got it put back on and the stinkin thing fell off again that same night. He went back to the dentist and she put a longer "rod" in his gum to hold it. It lasted until Monday night!}
This is the picture he texted to everybody with an attached music file where he is singing in the country-ist voice, ever "Bubba's back..Back again..Bubba's Back...Tell a Friend!" -ha!
Before we went to the dentist we had lunch at the Boiling Pot. It's a yummy seafood restaurant! We headed to the dentist after that. Miss K was not very thrilled to be back in that weird smelling place again. She pitched quite a fit in there and then finally fell asleep. Josh came out $800 later with a big fat top lip and two short teeth front teeth. I couldn't help but laugh! His dentist decided to file is still-in-place front tooth down and cap it as well, because she said that would help stabilize this tooth that keeps falling out. I sure hope so because how silly would he look with 2 missing teeth? -ha!
After we left there we headed to David's Bridal for me to get a bridesmaid dress for my sister's wedding May 1st. I later realized I dropped my camera out of K's diaper bag in the dressing room and I forgot to put it back in there. Luckily someone turned it in!
We came home and just relaxed. Josh was in some serious pain this time and wasn't a very happy camper. We watched 'Love Happens' & some other movie Josh picked out. 'Love Happens' is GREAT! Both of our noses were "ting-ling" a few times -ha! The other movie was dumb and I fell asleep FAST!

Josh is back at work today. Tonight, me & Le'Anne are doing youth by ourselves. We are starting the FIRE Instituite! Our girls lunch has been moved to tomorrow. I am SO excited! I will get my camera back, have a good lunch, and hang out with a great friend!

Y'all have a GREAT Wednesday!


Annie said...

This post gives me the willys lust reading it. I hat all things 'dentist' related. Looks so painful (and a little silly too :))

Elizabeth said...

That really was a change of plans! I like going to the dentist, but I guess I wouldnt like it for that reason!