Monday, March 22, 2010

Jam Packed Weekend

Friday - Miss K had her six month well baby check up.
She now weighs 18 pounds & 6 ounces. She is 25.5 inches long, but her head is now 18 inches! ha! She is her father's child, for sure! ha! :)
She loved playing with the paper while waiting on her dreaded shots!
After her doctors appointment we went to the nursing home to visit my Granny Hardage and take her some lunch. Then we headed to the bank to visit K's Nana, then to Josh's Grandma Liles', and finally went to Grammie & Paw-Paw's to get ready for DJ's wedding rehearsal.
Miss K was a big help while her daddy was getting the grill ready! DJ's reception was fun, but the best part was the food. ha! Josh's parents, of course, did a great job! :)
When the rehearsal was over, a group of us headed out to hear some old friends in a band called 'ELEVEN'! It was good times, but we didn't get in bed until 2:30 Saturday morning.
Saturday - We got up with only about 4.5 hours of sleep. blah! Josh got his hair cut, then we went to my mom's house. We ended up leaving Kaidence there because I did not want to be that mom with that child that cried during the wedding. ha! The wedding was short and sweet.
Of course, after the wedding they had a reception. Miss K made her grande entrance then. :) I didn't get any pictures, but a friend got tons of her so I will have to "borrow" some when she gets them up ;)
After the wedding & reception we headed to Anniston to visit my BFF Lindsey & her daughter Addison. We hadn't seen them since Christmas, so it was much needed. We just hung out and talked until almost 1am!
But, the most important thing of the day... Miss K turned 1/2 a year old!!!
Sunday - We went to church with The Salsman's and Kaidence was blessed by Pastor Buddy.
She was a good girl and didn't cry at all! She just want Pastor's microphone. :) She thinks she's a singer already ;)
We had lunch at their house and hung out that afternoon. Then, headed to Helena to visit our friend Ben & Cassidy's church. Josh actually played during 718. He was so excited because he hasn't got to play lately. Unfortunately Miss K was not so excited. She screamed the entire service! We went to Arby's for a quick dinner after service and then headed back home. We didn't get home until 3am!
Today - For the most part of the day, we have been lazy recooping from all the late nights and driving from this weekend. I did get some cleaning done, but that is about it. Miss K seems to be getting a little cold, I surely hope not because we have a very busy week ahead.

Hope y'all had a great weekend!

**PS - I am working on Kaidence's 6 month post, it should be up tomorrow!


Meant to be a mom said...

Wow what a fun crazy busy packed weekend you guys had. I love all the 6 month check up pics and I'm glad you guys had such a good weekend.
Baby K is such a doll. Her little flower hat is absolutely adorable.

Elizabeth said...

What a fun jam packed weekend for you fun!! I love her little hat, super cute!

Annie said...

Holy smokes...that was a BUSY weekend!! Glad that you had fun :)