Tuesday, December 21, 2010

15 Months

Sweet KK, you are now 15 months old!
You finally started walking December 5th, and haven't crawled much since then!
You are officially a "toddler" now! :)
You have also started identifying things a lot more.
When you see a dog you "bark", a duck you say "cack-cack", a sucker you say "sugg-err", and you love to look at pictures of Mommy & Daddy and then point at us.
You are the queen of making faces! You are quite talented-haha!
You still wear all the same sizes, but you seem to have finally got taller!
You go for your 15 month well visit, with you new doctor, January 5th. 
We love you, Sweet Girl!


Kristin said...

AWWW! how very sweet!! such a Beautiful little girl!!
Love the outfit!!!
Just came across your blog. Love it!
i'm your newest follower:)

Jillian said...

she is so sweet!!

Shannon said...

Okay, first of all, where did you get that outfit and secondly, why don't I have one for GG?! It's adorable!

Happy 15 months to your sweetie pie!

Merry Christmas!