Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Santa Take-1

A few weeks ago, we went downtown to see the Christmas tree lighting and of course Santa was there for pictures.
While waiting for all the action, K got to "pet" a few horses.
She was okay with Josh petting them, but she did not want to get too close.
Us girls took a picture while waiting.
Please notice what K is doing...
staring at everybody else-ha! 
The tree is lit! 
Then, it was time for the big man in red...
I wasn't sure how K would do because sometimes she loves older men, sometimes she doesn't.
In this case, she.did.not!

Check back tomorrow for our Santa retry..and to see if K grew to love the Jolly Ole' Fellow.


Ms. J said...

I noticed that picture in the card- hysterical! What a priceless pic! haha

Jillian said...

AhHH!! I hope she warmed up to him!