Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Morning at Grammie & PawPaw's

{Sorry for double-posts, but this scheduled post never posted :(}

*i got way too excited about my new camera, so i forgot to take gift pictures. oops!*
*also, these are all straight out of my camera. no editing, not even cropping. i know these are probably the worst pictures a rebel has ever shot, but whatever!*

After we opened gifts at my mom's, we headed to Josh's parent's house to open gifts.
That is where Josh gave me my new love, by the way.

I was super excited to test out my camera, and some little girl was happy to volunteer.
We went out to the porch and I took a ton of pictures of her.
And, yes, she looks like a ragga muffin because she had been snacking non-stop all morning!
I also didn't get any pictures of our little family on Christmas, but I did get one of my sweeties.
Never mind the fact that the little is not even looking and was probably throwing a fit because we wouldn't let her eat summer sausage in plastic! 
My brother-in-law Justin snapped these 2 pictures of Josh's dad.
They are hilarious and priceless!
And, I'm sure he is super happy to make the blog with these-ha! :)

We got KK all dolled-up and while we waited Uncle Aaron flew his new airplane.
Kaidence was in love 

While we were opening gifts it started to rain. BOO!
But, we still got all dressed and headed to stop #3 for the day. 

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