Monday, December 20, 2010

Tacky Sweater Christmas Party

This year Josh & I decided to host a tacky sweater party at our house.
It was tons of fun, and I see it becoming a tradition!
We definitely had some tacky guests...
{Savannah & Wendy}
{Savannah, me, & Wendy} 
{MJ & Lindsey} 
{Mom, Heather, Kaidence, & Amy} 
{Josh & I} 
{Amy & Jeremy}

We gave gift cards to the top 3 tacky sweaters.
Josh - 1st
MJ - 2nd
Me - 3rd!

We had lots of yummy food and played Dirty Santa.
I forgot to take pictures, but we had lots of funny gifts.
This, by far, was the funniest! 
{Underwear soaked in Mello Yello and melted chocolate}


Carolina Carters said...

Looks like LOTS of fun! And the panties...gross but so funny! Ha!

Zookeeper Jess said...

Love the underwear LOL! Josh's sweater is hilarious but you gotta love the stockings under the tree sweater LOL

Ashley said...

How fun! I am so doing one of those next year ;)

Elizabeth said...

So cute! So fun!