Thursday, December 9, 2010

Santa Take-2

Saturday we took K to see Santa at Bass Pro.
We went last year when she was a wee-little baby, so we wanted to start a yearly tradition.
This year the wait time was ridiculous.
We got there at 11, but our pass wasn't until 1:30!
So, we shopped around Bass Pro and then went to Bob Baumhower's for lunch.
While we were waiting we also let K "try out" a four wheeler.
It looked so funny to see her on a camouflage four wheeler in her girly smocked dress.
When we were standing in line waiting, K was waving and telling Santa "hey!"
I thought this time was going to be different.
I was wrong!

They told Josh & I to come up there so she would calm down, and that we could do a family portrait.
They went a lot better! 

Maybe next year! :)


Ashley said...

Well even though she is screaming she sure does look prcious in that dress!!!!

Ms. J said...

That crying face is just too cute though!

Carolina Carters said...

So funny! I'm sure ours will turn out just like that!

I think the crying face is absolutely adorable! Ha!

Meant to be a mom said...

K on the 4-wheeler in her girly dress is just so cute.
Also is it mean that every blog I see with a screaming kid on Santa's lap immediately I can't help but laugh out loud. I know that sounds horrible. Cooper meets him on Sunday after church and I'm pretty sure he will FREAK OUT! I feel bad for them but its almost like a funny Christmas card.
Horrible I know, when its my baby sitting on santa's lap losing it crying hard I probably won't be laughing. I like that once you guys got in the pic she stopped though, that's great!