Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Bellingrath Gardens 2010

This is our third trip going to Bellingrath during the Holidays to see the lights.
This year we went with Shane, Whitney, & KB.
We had tons of fun, and the babies loved it.

This year they added something new, a gorgeous fountain.
It would be a perfect place for pictures or a spring wedding!
Kaidence absolutely loved all the lights and said "HEY!" no less than one-thousand times-ha!
Her favorite was the lights above her head.
She was in awe! 

Of course, we had to stop for bestie pictures. 
The proud Dads 
The presh Starnes family. 
The two cuties.
We told them to "give kisses" and KB would lean in, but K would lean back..then, K would lean in, but KB would lean back.
It was too funny! 
The whole gang! 
..I asked a random stranger to take this picture, and Josh was freaking out-ha!
"That's so weird. People are going to think you are a weird-o! What if they run off with your camera"
Needless to say, the woman heard him and told me her husband said the same things!

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