Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I hate to interrupt our Christmas posting extravaganza, but I felt the need to thank my precious husband.
We had decided to get each other a small $20 or less gift "from Kaidence" this year.
That was it.
Nothing else.
On Christmas morning I opened the canister set she "bought" us and just tossed it aside to open my other goodies.
Josh got it back out to look at them. I should have known something was up, because he is who picked them out.
He opened the box, pulled out a canister and said "Look these are nice."
I just nodded and kept opening. I mean, I knew they were nice..but nothing special!
He pulled out a smaller item and said "Ash, check out this one."
I glanced over and said "Yeah. They're nice!"
Once I registered that the canister had "REBEL" written on it..I FLIPPED!
He had surprised me and put my new camera in the canister box and it had been under our tree the entire time.
I have been wanting a DSLR camera for a while, but he definitely went beyond my expectations and got me a super nice camera.

I am really excited to learn more things about it.
So, if you know of anywhere in the Mobile/Baldwin County area that has classes - let me know! :)

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Brandi said...

That's funny!!! You will LOVE your camera!!! YEAH!!! What a sweet gift!!!!