Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Home Tour

I have a horrible camera! And, Christmas lights & white ornaments DO NOT photograph well!


I made this wreath Thanksgiving day @ Josh's Grandma's house with all his's a tradition to make a Christmas decoration. I think it's simple, but cute!

This is our Christmas tree. It's more of a family tree because that's what we like!
But, I'm doing a themed tree next year in Kaidence's room.

We put about 1100 lights on here ... wish we had more.
I LOVE lights!
(the wimpy little bow is just not enough for this big tree..but, it works for this year)

Josh's drumset

My snowmanlady

Kaidence's first ornament

Our Family of Three ornament
We started this tradition last year, and I love it!
Josh is always SUPER easy because he has a hobby ... me, on the other hand, just get the typical snowman because I don't want a book or a mommy with spit up ;)
I can't wait to look back in ten years at all our family ornaments.

Our Merry Christmas sign in the window by the tree.

Our simple table decorations because we haven't found anything pre-made we like!

A few kitchen decorations:

More in the living room:

I love having a nativity scene. I want to get a really nice one, but this will do for now!

Our 'EVERYTHING' shelf. I love the J-O-Y stocking holders from Hobby Lobby!

Top shelf.

Hope, Peace, Rejoice candle set on each side of the TV

Top of the tv stand.

Everything is just simple..but, that's us! :)
We plan to RACK UP after Christmas when everything goes on sell, though!

Christmas Tour of Homes with The Nester


IRENE said...

A very Merry Christmas to you!

Jacquelin said...

Everything is just beautiful, you have a lovely home. Love your tree. My 4th daughters name is Cadence, we call her Cadie. Thanks for sharing.
Merry Christmas!

sweetpicklesandchocolate said...

merry christmas to you