Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Today's Home Tour

This is something I am NOT thrilled about.
(unlike our Christmas decor) 
It is rough around here today...
This are the most used items in our house as of right now:


Yes, our Sweet Baby K is having some sick issues.
She isn't running a fever, but she is very congested with lots of drainage. Which, most of you know, means lots and lots of spit up.
ON TOP OF THAT, she is teething. I noticed she has two large huge knots on her upper gums..but, not in the front. They are where her "eye teeth" would be. Also, you can see her two front teeth shining through her gums.
She is NOT loving cutting teeth..can't say that I blame her. I'm sure swollen, throbbing gums have to irriate her. She is also a SLOBBER-BOX!!! Seriously, so much slobber she is wearing a bib 24/7 so she won't get her outfits soaked & then her freeze to death. NO JOKE - it's bad!

**Anyone have any other suggestions to get ride of this nasty mess, PLEASE let me know**

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