Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Most Amazing Giveaway ... EVER!

Wouldn't you LOVE to have that computer in your home?
I know I would :)
We have an e-machine that is on it's last leg ... and, our families like catching up with Kaidence through our blog & this computer is slower than a turtle at this point from the PICTURE OVERLOAD! 

Also, I'm planning to open an shop .. but, this computer isn't too reliable for checking my e-mail for orders.
And, Josh is wanting to learn guitar through so he can start leading P&W at our church & he can't on this computer because a virus deleted the sound.
So, this would be THE PERFECT computer for all of that!
You can enter to win it, too.
(you just have to have a blog)
There are 5 wonderful ladies giving them away

We are really hoping to win this one :)

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BlogBaby said...

Good luck with your contest! Fingers crossed for you!