Monday, December 7, 2009

Outfit #3 & Weekend Wrap-Up

Technically, this is outfit #2 because she wore this Wednesday night to church.. I just forgot to post it on here, oops!

She can make some faces! But, she's still precious :)

She was laying to "Lady Like"
She was NOT in the mood for pictures. I forgot to take them before church, so these were snapped about 9:30 when we got home. She had been sleeping, but woke up for a diaper change so I had to snap a few pictures!
I love her monogrammed denim dress, it's just too short! So, I found those CUTE snowflake ballet tights at Tar-Jay for $1 (SCORE!!!)
I also found some red/white striped leggings and pink tights for $1! :)

This weekend officially "kicked-off" the Christmas season for us!
Friday night we had Country Open House at our church. It was really fun! We gave out free soup & chilli to, we had a BIG turnout!
Kaidence wore a super super cute Christmas outfit that night, too! BUT, I stuck her water bottle beside her & forgot about it until I got her out of her carseat about 1.5 hours later ... the water had leaked ALL over her! At first I was sure it was tee-tee because Josh had put her diaper on wrong! (haha - I always blame him..POOR JOSH!) THANKFULLY I was wrong & it was just water. I didn't get a picture of her in the outfit, but we will have an outfit redo soon! :)

Saturday we went to Josh's cousins house to watch "THE BIG GAME" aka Alabama vs. Florida!
We had such a good time! Kaidence is a "natural Bama fan" .. Raymond & Josh were yelling & cheering and she never cried!
Saturday night was the Christmas parade in town. It was F-R-E-E-Z-I-N-G!!! Kaidence had on so many layers, it made her look 5 pounds heavier!

Sunday was church, of course. I already posted about Kaidence's new love! ;)
This weekend we are planning to go to Bellingrath Gardens, a Christmas party, & "ONE TREE" (a youth rally @ our church)

I just love Christmas & all the exciting happenings :)

Kaidence before church Sunday night..
I knew she had to have a bow, but her daddy wouldn't let her wear it like this.

But, he did think this way was ok..

(I just love that little bit of drool)

We wanted to make sure everybody knew she was a GIRL! :)

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