Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My Christmas List

Hi everyone!
I (Kaidence) decided to post a blog for my mommy today ;)

Here's some things I'd LOVE to have for Christmas :)

I already love sitting up, but this bumbo seat would help SO much!
I love shoes from this website. You can ask my mommy which ones I like the most!

I am going to start eating baby foods soon, so I need a highchair. My daddy is VERY picky ... he says it cant be plastic, it has to be wood. He said he prefers dark wood to match the furniture & just in case I have a little brother some day ;)

I'm really diggin this convertible walker! And, Daddy loves it too! He said he could just see me "cruisin" down the hallway to meet him after work everyday. That sounds good to me because I love melting my Daddy's heart!

I need an exersaucer or some type of play station because I'm starting to love playing with toys and looking at myself..I'm not conceited, I just know I look good ;)

I love anything with my name or monogram on it, too!
And in case you forgot my name is KAIDENCE ASHLEN THAMES & my monogram is kTa
Also I love hairbows! The bigger the better is my philosophy!

My mommy found all this cute stuff on this website:

((I am TOTALLY into zebra & animal print ... got to keep up with the latest fashions!))

((A girl can never have too many dresses))

My mommy found some cute animal print outfits here, too!

I think a drumset/drum shirt/onesie would tickle my Daddy, but mommy can't find one...maybe she can find an applique & make me one with her NEW sewing machine! ;)

Well, it's time for me to get my bath & get ready for church..
Mommy has more websites though if you need any help ... I'm not too hard to please ;)


kass09 said...

Hi! I just came across your blog from The Perfect Pair and what a cute blog and baby you have! She is so precious and those things she wants for Christmas as SO cute! Looking forward to reading your blog more!

Candice Pair said...

Hey girl! Thanks for the comment! First of all, I love your little girls name...and all the things shes asking for for Christmas ;) Second, I LOVE WW and its all Ive been doing. It has really helped because you can still eat the things you like, you just have to count them. Its the only thing that has really worked for me honestly. I knew I needed to learn to eat better for good, not just a quick fix like Ive done in the past. I totally think you should join! Ill tell you this too, blogging about it and making it public has made all the difference in the world too. Its a whole new realm of accountability. Check out Kasseys blog above too. Shes the one that inspired me to get going now and stop wasting time!! Im looking forward to seeing how you do!