Monday, December 28, 2009

Kaidence's First Christmas

So, it has been a while since I had a real, this will be an overload!

Friday (December 18th):
We went to Milton, FL to pick our my cousins Wendy & Savannah to have Christmas with us. Savannah had an ear infection, so just Wendy came. It was SO wonderful having her here because she is such a grea help with Kaidence! What's neat is I was about her age when she was born and I was always staying with her mom, helping take care of her!

We met our Pastor & family (Pastor Ed, Ms Lesia, Le'Anne, & Jimmie) at their house for breakfast and then headed to the flea market. We then went to lunch ... Mexican, of course! After that we were crazy and went to the mall. NEVER AGAIN!!! It was horrible!!! People were running into Kaidence's stroller & just being so rude! UH! So, trust me, we won't be at the mall the weekend before Christmas EVER again!


We went to church and then just had a realizing day watching movies! :)

We attempted to clean..but, had a photo shoot with Kaidence instead. That was much more fun!
Also, I won a contest on Fabulous Fun Finds blog & it came in!
(will post blog about the win, later)

Wendy & Kaidence holding our PRIZE! :)

I, of course, procrastinated on packing again. SO, I had to pack all 3 of our suitcases and straighten the house before heading to Josh's parents. I got it done though!
We went to Evergreen and stayed the night with Grammie & PawPaw(Josh's parents)

PawPaw, Josh, Kaidence, Uncle David, & Grammie
(Josh has 2 brothers, so Kaidence is the only, you know she isn't spoiled;) all!)

We took Wendy to meet her dad and then headed to Anniston, AL!
In case you don't know, that is a 4 hour drive from Evergreen .. with a 3 month old!

She did very good though!
My best friend, Lindsey, and her family moved up there the end of October.
So, we had to go have Christmas with them:)

We went to IHop for breakfast with everyone before heading to my mom's

(Me, Kaidence, Lindsey, & Addison)
(Addison was born July 8, 2008 so she is about a year older than K..but they are going to be BFF!!)

(How precious is this picture? Addison wasn't too sure about touching K though!)

We got to Nana's(my mom) that afternoon and then headed to my Granny Meredith's for Christmas Eve.
I didn't take any pictures there because I forgot my camera :(
But, I snapped these when we got back to Nana's!

We had Santa at Nana's.
Kaidence got so much stuff from us & everybody else!

(Tummy Time pillow from Aunt Amy)

(Rocky Horse from Aunt Heather)

(Clothes from Nana)
She got a LOT more from them, but I haven't taken pictures yet!

After Santa, we went to the nursing home to have Christmas with Granny Hardage.

(She loves being able to hold K! K's her ONLY great grandchild!)

We had 2 more stops, I will post about tomorrow.
I'm going to watch 'Big Daddy' with the Hubster now!:)

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