Sunday, December 6, 2009

Roll Tide & Christmas Outfit # 2

This girl helped cheer BAMA to win the SEC Championship :)

I think she was practicing her cheer moves

Kaidence has worn several more Christmas outfits, but seems to ruin them some how before I can snap a picture!
So, we're just going to say this is Outfit # 2:

She thinks she is grown because she sat up ;)

We made it to Sunday School for the first time today...and, Kaidence found her a "friend"!
His name is Bryant...too bad he is 20!!!
She woke up from her nap and was staring him down. Then she started making flirty eyes at him & sticking out her tongue.
Josh told her she was going to "Get him Shot!!!"

We are still working on Christmas card pictures ... maybe one day!

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Brandi said...

I am in love with that Alabama outfit so cute. Your daughter is precious.