Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hobby Lobby - oh how I love thee!

One of my gifts from my MIL & FIL was a $150 Hobby Lobby gift card!
So, yesterday Kaidence & I headed to Hobby Lobby. We were in there for 2.5 hours - ha!
I spent most all of the money on things to make for Kaidence.. a pink leopard print 'K' bib, a new black headband, a Spring/Summer pillowcase dress, 2 paintings for her room, and I found stuff for her leopard print Christmas tree 1/2 price!!!

this is the bib I'm making for K! I have to hand-stitch around the K, add white terry cloth to the back, add ribbon to tie, and the sew the sides together.

this is her NYE outfit! We are going, as a family, to the Shane & Shane concert.

When we were at Hobby Lobby yesterday, Kaidence picked up two gifts for her & her daddy :)

She got a book "I Love You, Daddy" for him to read to her before bedtime and a plaque that says "I found my Prince ... His name is Daddy"
I wish I could have captured the look on Josh's face when he saw her waiting for him by the back door.
It was priceless!

We also started cereal this week.
We tried before, but she couldn't get the hang of it. Her pediatrician said all babies have a "tongue-thrust" issue and to wait until she was 3 months to try again.

She is doing so much better with it!
She loves it, too. Only problem is we can't get it to her fast enough - ha!

(yes we feed her in just a diaper because she is too messy!)

And, here is two more pictures of her in her bear suit from Nana.
She was too cute, and I think she knew it because she had such a little "attitude"! It was too cute!

And, this is her Elvis lip!
Her cousin Wendy thinks it is just too funny and I was finally able to catch it on camera!

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Annie said...

What a cutie!! Love that bear suit...

Wish that I had a bit of your crafti-ness!! ha...I have NONE!