Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My Christmas Wish List (picture overload!!!)

My Christmas WISH List:
(I am not greedy .. this is just my "WISH" list, not "HAVE TO HAVE OR I'LL DIE list)
*I am really into jewelry right now ... pieces that can be worn with different things!

*I love this ring! And, Becky Hobbs has it at The Bronze Foot for $15! It's classy, but I would be supporting MY TIDE!

*I would love this in sterling silver with 'KAIDENCE ASHLEN' on it:) It's small enough that I could stack them when we have another baby! I only found them on on this website, though!

*This necklace would be precious with our names on it :) You can find that on this shop 
(I like the "Family Sterling Silver Hand Stamped Necklace" & "Eternity Sterling Silver Necklace - Hand Stamped")
*I LOVE my flat brown boots ... I would love a gray pair & black pair.
(flat, NO heel)
*Dresses are my new favorite clothing item .. nothing fancy, just comfortable dresses that I can throw a necklace with to make super cute
(cotton, plain colored dresses)
*A giftcard to Hobby Lobby would be great, too! Especially since I'm getting my sewing machine FRIDAY!!!
*My favorite things right now are animal print(especially ZEBRA .. plan to do our extra bedroom with some zebra) and houndstooth!

*I love "Biggest Loser" .. I think Jillian would be a GREAT addition to me getting rid of this post-baby belly!

if you want to get Josh & I something together ...
(as previously stated ... WISH LIST!!)

*We would both LOVE the Wii & I personally would LOVE the Wii Fit!
*We would both love THIS camera(or any other Nikon that has optical zoom)! I have a Nikon Cool Pix (dont laugh) ... well, I dropped it & broke the part that holds the batteries. SO, I went ghetto & taped it - :(

**I'm trying to talk Josh into doing a wish list, but he says "He is easy to please .." MEN! ;)

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