Wednesday, January 20, 2010

4 Months Old

Kaidence - you are FOUR months old today!!!
I know, we can't believe it either!

What are you up to these days???
-You now weigh 15 pounds, 15 ounces (95th percentile). You are 25 inches long (75th percentile) and your head is 17.25 inches (100 percentile/off the chart-ha!)
-You are getting to be a big girl :) You have lots of squishy rolls. But, they have the best "sugars"
-You are quit the "grabber" these days. You are always pulling on someone's clothes or hair when they hold you.
-You have started laughing out loud. It is the cutest thing!
-You love to smile, too. You are such a happy baby! We can talk to you and you get the biggest grin, I just love it!
-You are responding very good to Mommy & Daddy's voices. Your little eyes find us so quick when we are talking to you.
-You still love your paci, but are getting very fond of your two fingers since you are teething.
-You have actually started to tolerate tummy time. Only if you have all of your toys singing, though!
-Bath time is your favorite. You sit there like you are in a spa or something - ha!
-You have rolled over. Which is great, but makes it very difficult to change you/get you dressed because you are trying to roll everywhere!
-You are constantly talking or "growling". Everybody says you have a "raspy" voice - it's cute though :) Maybe you will be an alto singer!
-You are also starting to play "copy-cat" - I love seeing what all you will do.
-The mirror is you best friend! You give yourself these silly looks and then check yourself out. It's too funny!
-You are still wearing some 0-3 months, but mostly 3-6 month clothes and 6 month sleepers.
-You are now in a size 2 diaper.
-You love to eat, which shows ;)
-You take about 4 ounces of formula with rice/oatmeal every 2-3 hours.
-You are also taking about 1/4 a jar of baby food mixed with rice/oatmeal in the afternoons.
-You have also started drinking more juice. Pear is your favorite!
-Today we got your first sippy cup! :) It's a learner cup. You can hold it already, too!

You are changing so much everyday.
I am so thankful God gave you to me & your Daddy.
You are the joy of our lives.
We can't wait to watch you change more as you continue to grow into a beautiful little lady! :)

I didn't get a good "4 month photo" of Kaidence today because she had 2 shots :(
These explain how she was feeling...

{4 month photo shoot retake tomorrow!}


Annie said...

So cute!! Blake STILL barely will take a sippy cup and he is 13 months!! K is WAY ahead of him :) Love the leapord print!!

Elizabeth said...

What a blessing to you!!!! So sweet!!