Monday, January 11, 2010

Weekend Recap

Friday we stayed in bed late because we were up too late watching the game.
Once we got up, we did our usual Friday grocery shopping - nothing too exciting! :)
Saturday we decided to clean/organize our 2 extra bedrooms.
Josh's Aunt Brenda gave me a sewing machine and his parents a HL giftcard.
I had it all in the bedroom, but it was far from being organized!

(Top of the closet had some of the clothes K has outgrown, 2 sleeping bag, and bits & pieces to several comforter sets.)

(The floor of the closet.. I know, it was bad! 3 waterguns, pillow shams, fabric, parts to our vacuum ... all sorts of things!)

So, yeah, it was messy. Unorganized. An a headache to do anything with.
But, I bit the bullet & did it!

I put an extra shelf from Josh's music room in the closet for all my craft supplies.
I didn't take a picture of the room, but we now have a floor and clean bed ;)
Josh also tackled his disaster of a  music room!


Sunday we were getting ready to leave for church and my car would not crank.
Really, it wouldn't do anything - the "unlocker" on my keychain wouldn't even work!
So, we took Josh's car to church & borrowed some jumper cables.
We got home and searched the car... the lights weren't left inside or outside, the trunk wasn't left open.. we couldn't figure out what it was.
Then, Josh found Kaidence's bottle warmer.
He had left it plugged in since Friday when we went grocery shopping.

All the water had evaporated and the bottle was H-O-T!!!
Luckily, after Josh hooked it up to the battery cables & "let it charge" it is working again!

Here is a few pictures of Kaidence before church. The are not great pictures because she has not been feeling well, so she will ill!

I think she is obsessed with animal print ;)

And, this is just a funny.
{I do not, in any way, mean to offend anyone}

Josh & I bought Kaidence this Praise Baby DVD for Christmas.
She loves it!
Literally, it is like the best $ we have ever spent because as soon as she hears it - she is calm and happy as can be!
this Asian girl comes on the screen!

K is just cooing and smiling until the girl comes on.
Then, she screams.
There is another Asian boy, but she doesn't mind him .. just the girl.
I have no idea why ... but we are hoping she doesn't do this in public.

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Elizabeth said...

Your blog is super cute! Your family is adorable!!! Looks like you had a productive weekend! :-) I'm a new follower!!