Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Eve

We had a great NYE!
We were suppose
to go to a Shane & Shane concert, but it didn't start until 11:00 & I know Kaidence would NOT be a happy camper.
Instead we met up with some people from our church for dinner at Chili's!
It was our Pastor, his wife Lesia, daughter Le'Anne, Youth Pastor Jon and his wife Brandy.
After dinner LA, Jon, Brandy, Nana, & Aunt Amy all came to the house.
We played games & did fireworks.
It wasn't anything big, but it was lots of fun! :)

We could NOT get a good family picture..This one was the best, that's how bad the rest were -ha!

Kaidence was looking so cute in her pink leopard!

Today we had the traditional New Years day lunch:
ham, black-eyed peas, turnips, rice, and cornbread!
Then, we all went to the mall, Babies-R-Us, and Target shopping.
Of course, Nana & Aunt Amy got Kaidence some more super cute outfits! :)
When we got back we had some HOOK'S camp stew!
(aka the best ever! I miss Hook's SO bad!)
Now we're watching 'Julie & Julia'

Tomorrow we're heading to the flea market and to do some more shopping!

We hope you all have had a WONDERFUL New Years!!!


Jessi said...

The family picture is cute!

And her leopard print is adorable!

Hope 2010 brings you lots of good memories and blessings!

Annie said...

Love that pink leopard outfit! I hope that I have a girl some day so I can dress her up :)

I feel your pain on the fam pic is pretty much out of the question for us right now!!

Molly said...

Oh my gosh, seriously... that pink leopard is the CUTEST outfit ever! What a doll baby :)