Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Weekend Wrapup

So where we left off...
Friday night I thought I was going to pass out in pain! I'm not sure what the issue is, but I know it hurts and keeps me from sleep. Which, I don't like either. Thank goodness I finally felt better about 7 AM Saturday morning & was able to sleep in until about 11 AM after being up practically all night in pain Friday night!

Saturday, after I woke up, we headed to the Flea Market. I swear that we are addicted - ha! There wasn't many vendors there..probably because it was FREEZING & Christmas is over.
After the Flea Market, we went to a bunch of different stores..really can't remember, and that's sad!

(I am in serious need of a TAN!!!)

Kaidence going all out in pink. She also wore her "coat of many colors" sweater. She was precious, I just forgot to take a picture :(
Luckily, Amy got one..it's not the greatest though.

Sunday we went to church and then came back home and watched 'Patch Adams' with Nana & Aunt Amy before they headed home.
Aunt Amy bought Kaidence this precious new purple church outfit

(I made her headband & hairbow!)

She was too funny! She kept pulling up her skirt & she was so amazed by the pattern!

Another failed family picture. I look like a whale, Josh looks angry, good thing K is precious! :)

Monday, we didn't do much because it was way too cold! I did read my Pastor's wife book, the entire thing.

Today we woke up to another cold day. After Josh left for work me & K went back to bed and woke up to ... NO POWER!!! I guess the cold weather made it go out, I'm not sure. But, it was freezing and Kaidence was hungry and it was just NOT FUN!
It was out from about 7:30 - 12:00 - uh!

But, it's back on now..Kaidence is watching her Praise Baby DVD and being a little sweetie!

During our "country living" with NO electricity I had to keep Kaidence entertained somehow..and, this is what worked best:

No, they are NOT great pictures, but she is OBSESSED with my new camera  and specifially the string on it.
Maybe that will make her like taking pictures more ;)

So, Kaidence has this "spot" on the back of her head. Her PED said it would proably go away, but it hasn't yet. I think it might be a birth mark, I'm not sure though...

(Yes, she is now BALD in the back from rubbing her head :( )

And, while I was looking through pictures on Amy's camera I found these & just had to share...

Her face is just too much. I promise, though, she really does love her bath time w/ Daddy!

Christmas Eve...I know she is going to love us for this one day! ha!

Isn't that the cutest "Little Stinker" face ... EVER?
I think so ;)



Annie said...

Blake used to have that spot too...it DID go away....I heard that it was called a 'stork bite'...haha....I didnt believe ppl that it would fade....but it totally did!!

Jessi said...

She has the cutest outfits ever! love them!

I'm definitely whiter than you LOL

All of my siblings and I have those on the back of our heads/necks. Ours just got smaller as we grew. They're a type of birth mark that may or may not go away.