Monday, January 25, 2010

Our 'Charm' is a Sleep-Fighter!

Yesterday we decided to visit Oasis Church with Josh's cousins. It was a good service, but just not our regular church! We love our little church :) We feel like God has us there for a reason, which is a great feeling! Last night, though, we were back at our church. It was great! I love the feeling of being in God's will. It's a wonderful feeling!
Nana, Aunt Heather, & Blakely went home yesterday afternoon. After that we tried to take a nap. Too bad Kaidence didn't want to participate. She has been on this "fighting sleep" spell. IT.IS.NOT.FUN!
I'm not too sure where she got it from, because it surely wasn't from her Mommy & Daddy!

You can tell she is so sleepy because she rubs her little eyes until they are red, she can barely hold herself up, and she is ILL! I try to rock her, but she tries to tear me to pieces. Seriously! She pulls my hair, pinches, and if she can ever get ahold of my lip or nose, it's over! She grabs it and snatches. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.
All day yesterday she might have slept 2-3 hours. But, that was through 15 - 30 minute "cat naps". I pray this is just a stage and will be over very soon. If not, I may be lip-less very soon!
Thankfully, though, she did sleep from 10:00pm - 5:00am in her swing and not our bed. She even did it without a pacifer. Which is great because if she has a pacifer it makes it hard for her to sleep. She wants to pull it out, then when you put it back she wants to suck it, her hand, and her lovey. All at once!
I don't want to sound like I am complaining because I would still love her and be greatful for her if she only slept 2 hours a day. (Not that I want that, just saying!)
We finally got her settled enough for us to have dinner & watch the last 3 minutes & overtime of the Saints vs. Vikings game. And, the Saints won! I told Josh Kaidence was a 'good luck charm' since Alabama had a great seasons as well as the Saints!

We had left-over philly cheesesteak meat, so we made omelets. And, let me tell you, that were a-mazing!

Today, has been a typical Monday. Josh is at work, I'm trying to do laundry, and Kaidence is fighting sleep.
I have also been trying to get stuff together for taxes - blah!

And, of course here is some pictures of Miss Kai-Kai. She is wearing one of the outfits her Aunt Heather got her at BabyGap. I think she looks adorable!

She has that face because she was wondering where her bow was.
But, don't worry Mommy the perfect one to match!

See, she is happy now.
She has her perfect matching bow :)
Too bad she is cursed with a 'Thames Head'
and the 3-6 month bow is squeezing her brains out too tight!
We settled for this look instead..

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Candice Pair said...

Hey girl! I ordered those pacis online, but I dont remember where. Google personalized pacis' and you'll find a ton! Your little girl is sooo cute!! I love that age!