Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Random Things

Yes, I have a lot to put on here. But, I am too scatter-brained to type. ha!
Therefore, here is a good ol' random post! :)
- Operation "Get Kaidence Up Out My Bed So I Can Sleep" is in full swing. She actually napped in her own bed today.

-Kaidence is getting better at using her sippy cup, but she prefers somebody to hold it most of the time.
-We only give her juice or water from her sippy. But, when she has water (actually sugar water because she doesn't potty regularly) she gags! Can we say DRAMA QUEEN!
-K has also started getting her gums brushed during bath time. She LOVES it! She is cutting teeth, so I'm sure it feels good on her swollen gums!
-Josh has been off work since Friday. Bless his heart it kills him to sit still for 5 minutes. As I speak type he is in the shed putting a power cord on a dishwasher we're selling on Craigs List.
-Speaking of Craig's List, I ♥ Craigs List! We put 6 or 7 things on there and the same night we had already sold 2 things & 1 thing is "pending". Woo-hoo for getting rid of clutter!
-I'm not too sure what happened yesterday, but I was S-I-C-K! I hate being sick, and it's even hard with a 4 month old! Thanfully my precious Hubby let me nap & he cooked dinner.
-Tonight, I'm cooking homemade tomato basil soup. Yum!
-Kaidence is becoming quite the Little Piggy. She loves homemade applesauce! She likes the jar pears too, we're trying jar bananas as an afternoon snack.
-That's all for now. Sorry for all the randomness.
A real post will be tomorrow, for sure! :)

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Elizabeth said...

You little one is just a sweet doll! As for Craigslist! I feel the same way! Always can get things sold on there!