Thursday, January 28, 2010

Words added.

Yesterday, after my random post, we all took a much needed nap and then I cooked the tomato basil soup. Oh my word! It was delicious. Not only that, it was super easy & super cheap. So score, score, score! We went to church last night and for the first time ever Kaidence was actually 'good' during the service. I took her to the nursery the last 5 minutes or so because she was fussy because she needed a diaper change. I am so proud to not be "THAT MOM" that lets her baby scream during the!

Today, me & K are just taking it easy. Hubby is at work, where he will be until 7:00 pm! He is on 7-12s - not fun! However, that does give me & K lots of time to watch 'Praise Baby' - ha! We are actually going to go for a walk after I finish this post.
{**This contains TMI! Do not read if you don't like hearing about baby poopy!**}
As stated in my last post, she has a problem pottying. I hear some people say their child goes 2 - 3 times per day. NOT Kaidence. More like once every 2-3 days. Her pediatrician knows, but he's not worried because when she goes it's not "rabbit balls". To help her go, we give her lots of sugar water. I gave her some yesterday, but she didn't go. I knew she hadn't been in a few days, though. SO, I gave her 1 cube of homemade applesauce & 1/2 jar of pears. Boy Oh Boy! Mistake! ha!
She was swinging this morning & I smelled this horrible smell. I let her finish & when I got her out ... I saw it. EVERYWHERE!

{edited out her business, but that is seriously how much was on there. YUCK!}
I loved that sleeper, too. I have it soaking in some hot water right now. Hopefully, that will help it not to stain.

Tonight I am cooking skillet ravioli. I posted the recipe on my recipe blog. It's also delicious & super easy!


Elizabeth said...

WHAT A SWEET PHTOTO! Your family is so cute!

Annie said...

CUTE family picture :)

Jessi said...

adorable family picture!

my daughter has had bowel issues since she was a year old. we've had to have numerous tests and gi doctor visits. ruled everything out that was serious but to this day she still has to have a big dose of her daily medicine (miralax) to have normal bowel movements that don't tear her :(

hope your little girl has a much easier time than mine did!

ps tomato basil soup sounds delicious!

KatieJones said...

I saw that you are following my blog so I jumped over here to check yours out. Kaidence (aka "radiance" ha!) is a-dor-a-ble. So glad to see that she is already drinking from a sippy cup! I'm thinking about trying one with Ellie but wasnt sure which age to start. Us moms have to combine our wisdom dont we? : )