Monday, January 25, 2010

Answers Part One!

Sarah asked:
When do you want to have another baby?
We want to wait until Kaidence is about 2 or 3. I don't want there to be a big age difference, but I also don't want to have them too close where I feel like I've just "stayed pregnant".
Top boy and girl name for baby #2
Boy - Carter
Girl - Bayleigh or McKenzy
Does little baby girl drink from her sippy yet?
Kaidence does hold her sippy cup & attempt to drink from it, but she's not always successful - ha! She is getting much better at it though!

Annie  asked:
What did you do before you were a SAHM?!?
I never really had a "career", but before I got pregnant with Kaidence I worked at a call center as a customer service rep. I wasn't a telemarketer, people called us!

M asked:
What is your favorite day of the week?
Honestly, our favorite day of the week is Sunday. We love going to church and then spending time together afterwards.

Elizabeth asked:
Where do you see yourself and your family in five years?
I see us with two kids, a golden retriever, and being happy. I think we will be more involved in ministry by then, too. Also, Kaidence will be in SCHOOL - yikes!

Anonymous asked:
What is your's & Josh's story?
Josh & I started dating 09/05/2003 - so, that's a whole different blog post to come! ;)
What is yalls favorite & least favorie foods?
Ashley -
favorite: Hibatchi...I love it. Like, I could eat it EVERY.SINGLE.DAY!
least: Rutabagers(spelling?) and Brussel Sprouts.
Josh -
favorite: His own grilling. He would seriously grill everyday if he could.
least: Corn!
Kaidence -
favorite: Similac Advanced w/Early Shield
least: homemade banana baby food!
How did you decide on your daughter's name?

Josh is a drummer, so we liked the name Cadence. But, I wanted to spell it different because 'Cadence' is becoming very popular. I couldn't decide if I like Caidence or Kaidence better - honestly, I picked spelling it with a 'K' because monogrammed 'K's are so much cuter!
It's funny though because people understand/realize when you spell it 'Cadence', but 'Kaidence' gets pronounced as 'Candice'. Older people seem to have a hard time understanding what we are saying! A man at our church calls her KAY-DEX..yes, closely similiar to FEDEX! And, last night, a lady called her ... RADIANCE!!! - ha!
What is your pregnant/birth story?
I'm actually going to just do a post on this, too.
I saw a picture of a drumset in a music room. does josh play drums? If so, what's his story?
Yes, Joshua is a drummer. He has been playing since he was 10! He is a great drummer, too!
He plays at church and has been in a few bands. His mom always says "Drumming was his first love, Ashley is his true love" - ha! I am seriously thinking about getting a vinyl sign made with that saying on it! :)
How many kids do you want to have?
2 or 4. Neither of us want 3, not sure why but we never have. We really want only want 2, though!
Will you tell us about your parents & siblings?
Ashley's Family:
My Dad passed away 05/03/2006 during my Senior year in highschool.
My Mom lives in a small town. And, is tickled-pink over Miss K & being a first time Nana! :)
I have two sisters. Heather is engaged and getting married in May. Amy is a highschool math teacher!
Josh's Family: (in his words)
My Dad is a very busy business man with a big heart for his family and grilling, too!
My Mom is an ex-hairdresser so she saves us TONS of money :) She is finally accepting the fact she is a Grammie and she loves it, too!
I have two brothers. Justin is in college. Aaron is in the 6th grade and loves x-box!
Why do you blog?

I started it so our families could keep up with us and to have as a "record" of what Miss K is doing/accomplishing! Now, though, I have become addicted - ha!
Josh says "To the anonymous that you know my life can I atleast know your name?

**Keep the questions coming, I like this! :)


Elizabeth said...

I just loved your question and answer!! So fun! Thanks for answering my question!!!!!

Annie said...

I loved reading your post. Thanks for sharing :)

Jessi said...

I love Q & A's.

Sorry about your dad :(

Keep these up, it's cool getting to "know" you :)