Wednesday, January 13, 2010

American Idol & Making Babyfood

Last night was the first episode of American Idol this season - and, we're excited!
I am making a ist of my favorites & trying to decide who is going to win.
I have been right the past two years - chyea!

During AI, I decided to "prove" Kaidence does have hair.
It is just very thin & frizzy!
(I have my fingers crossed that it is going to be CURLY!)
*Click on the collage to make the pictures bigger*

See? There IS hair!
I just had to borrow some of her Daddy's hair wax - ha!
(the bottom left-hand picture she looks JUST like Josh, to me!)

Today, I have been organizing and cleaning our kitchen.
It is hard to keep a baby entertained! I never realized how difficult it was.
But, thanks to all her toys she was occupied for about 30-45 minutes!

(don't you just love that slobber?)

What was Mommy doing besides organizing during these wonderful self-entertainment time?
Making baby food!

This was my third time, and I think I finally got it right!
Kaidence is still a little unsure about applesauce at first, but once she has a few bites - she loves it!

I didn't realize how much time it took to make baby food.
Do any of you make it?

(this is my new favorite picture of Kaidence!)
{I just had to edit the snot dripping from her nose-ha!...I know that's horrible, but we have had a little cold. Trust me, I wipe her nose! That's one thing I cannot stand to see ... a snot-nose baby!}

*Sorry the pictures are small, I had to make a collage because I couldn't pick my favorites & I didn't want a mile long post of pictures! :)


Anonymous said...

I make all of Drew's food as well for him. He loves it. His favorite is sweet potatoes, he has liked everything I have made. It has been a lot easier now making it than at first. I spend around 2 hours in the kitchen preparing it all. I try to make big batches and freeze them in ice cube trays. I make the food about every two to three weeks.
Love your pictures of Kaidence and just love her name. I have never heard of that name nor spelled that way. Look forward to watching her grow. Take care

Elizabeth said...

That wonderful that you make your own baby food!! :-)

Jessi said...

I love American Idol!

I love her little hair. How cute! I miss that baby drool too!

I had never even thought about making my own baby food (I already do everything else pretty natural) so recently I have been thinking about it and am going to do next time around!

Shae Page said...

We got the humidifier at Wal-Mart last year! Couldn't believe they had a cute one!!!! It is a pain to fill with water, but it does look festive in her room! :)